Hello, my friends! :) Since long time there is no news and new pics
Let me show you something VERY NEW for my life
I called it "Sea Life Project". And it starts from Thailand 2008
More pics you may find here
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A reincorporation is the last chance for a donkey
Thailand - Cambodja - Vietnam 2008 April
Himalaya - Central India - Goa 2008 February
They create advertisement for You
Open Air Party 2007 Summer
First Sunrays 2007 Summer
Sand pit trip 2007 Summer
India Portugese Colonies 2007 January
Thailand, Singapore 2006 Autumn
Volga trip 2006 Summer
Mallorka (Spain) 2006 June
Kavkaz Arhiz 2006 May
Delhi - West India 2006 January
Turkey Kemer 2005 August
Bombay - Goa 2005 April
Eurotrip 2005 January
Syria 2004 December
Summer Egypt 2004 June
Karma knows everything 2004 April (India)
Extreme snowboarding 2004 January (Elbrus)
Romantic Italy 2003 October
Magic Egypt Collection 2001/2003
Autumn feelings
Salvador band's story
Open Air - Rynda Party
Scooter Racing
Suzdal Moto speed session
Special for my friends
The second russian capital
My childhood